Fast Fun Facts:

1. I work on the graveyard shift, and have for a year now.
2. I’ve visited 23 countries.
3. I once tried to move away from NYC. It didn’t take.
4. I speak 2.5 languages: ask me about them!
5. Have I mentioned I’m obsessed with books?

Even More Facts

Hey there, friends! I'm a 20-something girl who was born in South Carolina, raised in Italy, schooled in Germany and Kentucky, and now lives and works in New York City! By night (literally) I work for an app, and by day I…sleep. Sometime in the middle though I’m a writer, of essays that focus on books (young adult primarily) and their authors; mental health; and relationships.

Oh, and I write my own books as well! Nothing you’ve read, of course, unless you’re one of my critique partners or beta readers (heyyy girl(s)), but someday maybe I’ll have a whole page here dedicated to my own books. A girl can dream.

I'm so glad you’re here! I haven’t always been the most consistent with posting, but this is where you'll be able to find musings about my upcoming travels, thoughts about mental health, books, God, relationships, and more, as well as a portfolio of my published works and ways to contact me! Have a look around and be sure to say 'Hi'!