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Looking Ahead: Bookish Plans for 2023!

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Can you believe it's already nearing the final week of 2022? I cannot! This year — what a year! I talked about my 2022 in writing last week, and today I'm gonna chat through some bookish plans for 2023!

Reading goals — number

So this past year I set my Storygraph reading goal at 75. I figured I wouldn't have a hard time meeting it since I'm doing a TON of reading for school. And with a week left in the year, I am delighted to say that I have blown past this goal!

I'm projecting that I'll finish at least three books this week. I'm confident in this number because, well, I'm already halfway through three books, lol.

So I will likely end the year with 95 books read, and I'd like to challenge myself to read even more next year: I think that, for the first time EVER, I'm going to set a goal of reading 100 books next year!

This is a far cry from the 20-some books I read in 2019; it's even more than the 70 books I read last year! I've slowly been building up my reading numbers over the past few years, which is delightful.

Reading goals — genre & age category

This goal is a little more amorphous, but it's basically like setting an intention for myself. In 2023, I'd like to expand my reading. I'd like to sample some adult literary fiction, read some YA thrillers (hey, have you heard of my friend Mackenzie Reed's 2023 debut, The Rosewood Hunt? Add it on goodreads!) I want to read some spooky books, some books that will scare me, and some books that will challenge me. More nonfiction in 2023, please! I love nonfiction but didn't read nearly enough of it this year.

I'll also be reading a ton of YA contemporary, romance, fantasy, historical...all the YA! I'm so excited to dive into every single sapphic story I can get my hands on next year, too.

Reading goals — quality of time spent

Another ambiguous/amorphous goal! Basically, I want to enjoy the books I'm reading and have quality time with them. To this end, I will continue my reading journal in Notion, where I chronicle what I'm reading, what I'm thinking about it, and more. I'll keep reviewing on my storygraph and on netgalley. I just...I want to love reading and feel like it's an enjoyable time!

Writing goals

And a bonus! Some writing goals! In no particular order:

  • Write my critical thesis for school and do great on it!

  • Finish revising & then query Nat & Cami!

  • Begin drafting a new story (sapphic celebrity, anyone?)

  • Write Hex for my creative thesis

  • Write some short stories

  • Get back into poetry

So there you have it! All my reading and writing goals for 2023. What are yours?


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