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It's a New Dawn, It's a New [Blog]

I don't really have something cute or witty to say here, so I'll just say: welcome! If you've been here (and by "here," I mean my website) before, you may notice that it looks a little different!

A while back, I hired Peter Lopez of LZ Creative to redesign my whole website. I grew bored of the old Squarespace site, and I know myself: I haven't got an artistic fingernail, much less the ability to redo a whole site! So I poked around the internet and found someone far more talented than I — Peter!

[Sidebar: if you're looking to redesign your own site in anyway, I'd highly recommend you check out his site and see if his work might be a good fit for you.]

I'm really excited about this new website, not just because I think it's so pretty (the colors! the font! ahh!) but also because I have big ideas about redoing my blog and kicking my newsletter off again. More on each of those below!

The Blog

Listen, I've been trying to consistently blog for years, but this year! This year is the year! I've got a month and then some of content already lined up for y'all. It's going to stay within the reading and writing theme (but definitely follow me over on Twitter for links to any articles I publish elsewhere).

Meanwhile I'm excited to chat with y'all weekly about books I'm loving, books I can't wait to read, and my writerly shenanigans. I remain as ever hopeful that I'll land a literary agent soon (or at the very least, start writing my next novel, which lives rent free in my brain but is struggling to get from brain through fingers to page).

The Newsletter

Ahh, back to a newsletter! If you've been around for a while, you may remember that I had a newsletter! Once upon a dream, I was a newsletter-writing freelancer, and then I left New York and came back to New York and started working overnight and lol.

But I'm back, baby! I'm still messing around mentally with what type of newsletter content there will be, but here's what I envision:

  • Monthly — I don't want to be in your inboxes too much

  • Roundup of articles & blog posts published since last newsletter

  • Random personal or professional news as I have it

  • Maybe something really earnest

  • Pictures! Of New York, my new pink hair, my gorgeous cat Lizzie...

Oh, and on the note of pictures...

Pink hair, Lizzie the cat, and New York City. As promised!

To sign up for my newsletter, click here!

And a Farewell

That's all I've got for today! I hope to see y'all around in the comments, on Twitter, in my email inbox...basically let's talk!


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