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Being Okay

Sunlight spikes through tree limbs

slashes yellow and white on graveled

ground. Green and gold battle

in front of my eyes. Warmth seeps

into my skin and into my soul

as I rest my arm on this weathered bench

and smile at the friend who's seen

me through the toughest of times.

Maybe coffee droplets and green paint

are staining my dress; maybe insects

are sucking my blood, leaving welts

that itch; maybe the sun is too hot

and maybe I am dehydrated. None

of this matters, though. Because today

in the park I dreamed, with the friend

I missed, I am okay. No. I am happy.

Where did this feeling come from? When

will it leave? I can't dwell on fear.

No. I am happy. I let happiness sink

itself into me and my muscles relax.

I am happy. It is okay. Even if just today --

this hour -- this minute -- I am okay.

Poem by Karis Rogerson

June 8, 2021


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