I'm Mostly OK...Here Are My Thoughts About Why

It's shocking, at times, the way my mental health ups and downs and all-arounds. 

One day I'm great, the next I'm in the slumps, and afterwards I'm somewhere in-between. Two good days pass, followed by an hour of despair and three of happiness. There's little rhyme or reason, it seems. It just comes and goes at its own speed and its own pleasure.

Except, not so much lately. Lately I've been mostly okay. 

There are probably countless reasons why that is: the fact that I've pushed myself out of several boxes I was existing in, including the self-imposed necessity of living in New York even when my purpose for being there, as well as funds, disappeared. 

I'm sure another factor is the change of scenery. Something about growing up and moving around a lot has sort of trained me to be happiest when I'm in different places most of the time, so being in one place for two years eventually began to wear on me, no matter how much I loved said place. Getting somewhere else is refreshing and works as something of a "reset" button for my mood.


And of course, there's where I've come to. It's not just that it's in Italy, and it's beautiful and the lifestyle suits me and the food is incredible and all of the coffee is creamy and delicious. It's that it's home. I had mostly good experiences in Italy. I had good friends. I have fond memories. This is not one of the places in the world that triggers various parts of my mind. It soothes me.

All of those are circumstantial reasons why I'm doing better, but there are three that I'm doing, actively and concretely, that I really believe are having an impact on my mental health. 

What are they, you ask? Why, my love, simply watch the video below and you'll find out!

So there you have it: the three things I do, and why I'm passionate about at least one of them, that improve my mood.

I know none of these are world-rocking, brand-new information to anyone. To me, though, it's a new way of living life. It's very different, and I'm very happy with it.

I could always wake up tomorrow (or in half an hour) and be hit with another depressive episode. Because that's the thing about mental illness, it doesn't care at all what you've got going for you. It comes, regardless.

But we can fight it. 

And I'm finally getting started.