I'm Getting Back into Essays (And How You Can Help!)

It feels like an eternity has passed since the last time I published an essay anywhere other than this blog.

In reality, it’s only been since last September. Maybe August? Either way, somewhere under a year.

But I went from publishing multiple posts a month to absolutely nothing, for months on end, suddenly and abruptly and to be honest because of work stress and mental illness ravages and just an entire host of issues. So I guess maybe it seems like it’s been longer just because I’m not used to it.

I haven’t published anything in what feels like a million years because work got busy and I stopped feeling creative and suddenly even contributing to Operation Awesome (the group blog I’ve since had to leave) or updating this blog was too much. I was still writing of course, occasionally, but publishing? Felt like even more of a pipe dream than it did that long-ago day when my first piece went live at Seventeen.com

So what am I doing today, just sitting here moaning and groaning about how long it’s been?

Nah, not today. Moaning and groaning is totally up my alley, but today I have a plan. Today I’m coming to say that I’m setting things in motion once more.

I reached out to editors at a few publications I wrote for regularly and we talked about getting me back on track, back to contributing, and I’m ridiculously excited to say that I’ll have a piece published at LitReactor on July 23rd! I’m not going to tell you what it’s about (yet) but I’ll share the link all over my social media so you know…feel free to check that out. Or like my Facebook page.

I’m trying to get back into regularly writing personal essays, editing them so they’re the most excellent they can be, and submitting them to publications. Both publications that have never heard the faintest whisper of my name before and ones where I have existing relationships with editors and therefore (perchance) a greater hope of being published.

I’m also trying to make this blog better. Trying to commit to writing love posts about the books I adore, and writing honest takes about my mental health, and occasionally sprinkling in random personal blogs.

So here’s where you guys can help. There are actually a few things you can do if you want to support me and my career as a writer. Stay tuned for a list! Below!

  1. Tell me what you want to read on this blog. You can contact me, or drop comments on any posts, or go through the aforementioned social media links, but if you have a book you want to hear my thoughts on, or a specific mental health issue you’d love to know about, or if you saw a picture on my Instagram and want to know the backstory…let me know! I’d love to write what you want to see.

  2. If you feel so inclined, follow or like my various social media pages (linked below) so you can get updates on my published pieces. There’s a chance I’ll bring my newsletter back and send out biweekly-to-monthly updates with links to my favorite blog posts or articles. Feel free to sign up!

  3. If you see my posts and want to read them, go for it, and then a like, a share, a comment on social or the website hosting the work does wonders, not just for my confidence, but for added visibility to each post and, in the case of published articles, showing editors that people like my content.

  4. Finally, and this is a big one that I know is asking a lot, you can support me financially through Patreon or, for gifts without the commitment, Ko-fi. Patreon is a site where fans (called patrons) can sign on to regularly support my work by pledging a set amount per essay traditionally published, whether it’s already paid or not. Feel free to head to my profile to learn more, if you’re so inclined. On Ko-fi, you can give a one-time gift of a “coffee” ($3) if you, say, like a blog post or essay or just feel like you want to do so. No commitment!

In the end, if you do nothing but silently read my posts and appreciate them…I may never know you’re doing that, but the truth is, that’s why I write. For anyone who wants to read my words and takes hope, happiness, encouragement, learning from them. Whether you tell me, share my work, or pay me for it, I appreciate that you’re here.

Have the most excellent of Thursdays!