READING GOALS for 2018: The Most Exciting Things

Hello, hello, hello! We're a full five days (what?? how??) into 2018 and I have finished one book already! Ha! Granted, it was less than 100 pages long, BUT STILL. It's an excellent intro for today's goal-setting post, which is all about my READING GOALS for 2018! Honestly I think this is the post I'm most excited about writing this year! Haha. Listen, I just love reading, okay???

Anyway, this year I want to do a lot with books. I have so many goals, so I'm just gonna jump right in!

Read at least 52 books

This is my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal for the year. Last year, I ambitiously set a goal of 65 books, which I downsized to 50 in September when Goodreads showed me 13 books behind. I just barely managed to actually hit that goal (what!) and so I upped it this year. This goal equals reading one book a week, which I consider inherently manageable. I highly doubt I'll always be "on schedule," because I read about four books at a time and often they sync up with each other (a few days ago, I was at 15% of all four books...ha!) but I should make it. The actual goal is to surpass it, but that'll just be a bonus if it happens.

Read outside my comfort zone

Last year and in 2016, I mostly read young adult (YA) books, because these books are my Linus' blanket. They comfort me, they make me happy, they soothe me. Toward the end of last year, though, I started reading some nonfiction as well, and found that it's also wonderful. In 2018, I want to expand that. I want to read all sorts of nonfiction: essay collections, memoirs, biographies, history books...I also want to read poetry collections, theology books, and select literary fiction titles. I want to expand!

Re-read some old favorites

Last year I decided I would never in my life have time to re-read books. This year, I've decided that I just need a little structure to make it work (more about the structure next). This is purely because I want to go back to when reading was something I did for fun, not a task, and a lot of the books I read otherwise are for work as an interviewer, blogger or author. These are just for fun.

Stick to my reading structure

I read (at least) four books at a time, and my reading structure is as follows: 

  1. An ARC (advance review copy) that has been sent to me by a publisher: this is because I have a lot of them sent to me to review, blog about, and interview authors for.
  2. A published YA novel: because, duh, they're my favorites and there are still so many books that I don't get ARCs of.
  3. A nonfiction/adult title: kind of self-explanatory, ya know?
  4. A re-read: a favorite of mine that I'm reading for the second time.

I read in 30-minute chunks and sprinkle my reading throughout out the day, during downtime (when I'm working) or after completing two other tasks. Poetry collections, theology books and literary fiction books will be filed under "tasks" and I'll read 30 minutes of them every couple of days, aka they're not in the official rotation. 

Become a real BookTuber

I dabbled in 2017 with some bookish vlogs, but this year I want to become a real BookTuber. I want to do at least two bookish videos per month. If you're interested, follow my channel or check out one of my first "Fab Book Friday" videos here:

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What are your 2018 reading goals? Leave them in the comments and let's discuss!