Fourth week crazy: the day we were two

There are normally four of us in the newsroom: Jessica, Luke, Laura and I. On Thursday our numbers were cut drastically, halved in fact, and Jessica and I were the Two Musketeers, the Lone Rangers, the Two Blind Mice... We were alone, in essence. Laura had the day off and Luke came down sick, so over text before work, we hatched a plan: kick some serious journalistic butt.

And let me tell you, we did just that.

We started the morning collecting police reports and writing them up. There were a few incidents over night, but nothing spectacular--which, in this case, was a pity, because we figured we could have used the stories. In the end we didn't need them. The stories came to us Thursday, flying out of nowhere and smacking into our faces.

Soon after Jessica left to cover a meeting, Tina, one of our awesome advertising ladies, came to let me know there was going to be a ribbon cutting at a new Verizon Wireless Zone, and could we write an article and take a picture?

No to the article, yes to the picture. Before I could go there, though, Don, our managing editor, came by with big, breaking, Madisonville news: someone was tearing down a building. Either that really is big news, or I've been in this small town too much, because it felt huge. I ran off to collect the picture.

And that, my friends, was the beginning to a whole slew of dramatic events, including an asbestos scare, a possible firing, and a lecture by a very large man. But if you want to know more about that, ask me privately. On Thursday, I was completely unaware of the storm to come.

Verizon the Madisonville-Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce.

So I went to that Verizon Wireless ribbon cutting. The cute boy who sold me my phone was there; he didn't recognize me. It was quite sad. Heart-breaking, really. But I got the picture and the video and trundled back to the office.

Next, I went back to the Summer Arts Academy (previously mentioned in my second week roundup), to photograph the younger kids practicing "101 Dalmatians." Kids are adorable, you know? And as stressful as that was, trying to crank out that article without getting interviews with the women in charge because they were so busy teaching, it turned out fine--the director called to tell me she loved the article. She's the sweetest, really.

I came back to the office. I chose the pictures. I wrote the article. I wrote another article, about a meeting at the library. I went to a library board meeting. I, finally, went home.

And when I woke up yesterday, it was to the sight of a newspaper filled with my name: two articles, four pictures and one very long caption. And let me tell you, it felt good. So good.

When we got to work on Thursday, we planned to slay the day, take that crazy day in the palm of our hands and destroy it. And we totally did.

And you know what? As crazy, stressful and busy as Thursday was, I totally loved it. It was awesome. I'm so excited for this to be my career.

And on another note! I got my first piece of communication from NYU about class registration, and I got to meet (or, see the names of) my future classmates! I'm over the moon! What are you most looking forward to?