A Dab of Positivity: People Are Awesome

I'm not usually as positive as I should be, but today I'll make an exception and be an optimistic, positive little flower and say that people are amazing.

Yeah, I know, I know, "when I read the news all I see is war and death and horror, because humanity is inherently evil." Whatever. There is good in us, and I can prove it to you. There are three people who have done amazing things for me this week, and I want the world to know how awesome they are.

  1. My dear friend Taryn Albright. Taryn is a freelance editor, author, and all around superstar. I mean, what can't she do? She swims, she lifts weights, and she generally kicks butt. I went to school with Taryn for a few years, and we became friends through our creative writing classes. When the time came and I started querying agents, I was too scared to send my query to her for a critique. So she yelled at me. I sent her my query, and she's spent this week helping me revise. It was kind of terrifying having her look over it, but she's given me great feedback and been really cool about it. So the world at large might be evil, but Taryn is pretty cool. And hey, if you've written a book or are writing a book or are interested in having someone help you with your book, you should check out her website.
  2. My Creative Writing professor, Dr. Hurlow The things Dr. Hurlow has done to help my writing career over the past three and a half years are countless. She has taught me in class, of course. But she has also met with me outside of class to give feedback on application essays, to help me choose poems to submit to magazines, to just talk with me and be my "loco parentis" while my parents are in Italy. She took the time to read and critique my 245-page novel last semester (shoutout to Katie, Kale, Claire, and Maeghan for doing that, too...y'all are rockstars). I could never pay Dr. Hurlow back for how amazing and helpful she has been, so instead I'm going to brag about her here: she's literally the very best.
  3. My roommate's Aunt Trudy. Late Thursday night, Rebeca and I decided that we should take a road trip over the long weekend afforded by Monday's MLK Day. We were trying to figure out where to go and what to do, and we stumbled across the idea of coming to her family's farm. We made her mom call the family and Trudy welcomed us with open arms. We've been here less than 24 hours, but already she's showered us with love. She greeted us with big hugs when we stumbled in at 1 a.m. this morning, fed us, housed us, sat and talked with us, and overall treated us like queens. The rest of the world might be cold and unfeeling, but Trudy is loving and wonderful and very special.

There are a ton more amazing people in my life. I could honestly write a blog post highlighting three of them every day and I would never run out of inspiration. But this week, these are the people who have gone above and beyond the call of duty and really shown me love.

Thus ends the sappiest blog post I've ever written. You're welcome.