I'm a fan-girl. For serious.

Lately my Twitter has been either political posts, self-promoting Tweets, or literally just me screaming and raving about things I love.

And it's not just on Twitter. Have you noticed a plethora of pictures I've posted on Instagram lately, with the #selfiewithbooks, where it's literally just me holding a book and grinning like mad?


I'm just such a fan of things that people are doing and writing these days. And the more I fan-girl, the happier I am.

And I've realized — fan-girling isn't just about posting selfies and tweeting about books and loving them passionately and being excited.

It's about supporting other creators. It's about giving what I want to receive.

You see, so much of a writer (or singer, or artist, or actor)'s career depends on other people. Actually, let's be real: pretty much all of these people's careers depends on others. Because yes, you need to have talent in order to succeed, but you can have all the talent in the world and still, without fans, you won't go anywhere.

People's livelihoods depend upon others loving their work and sharing it with their communities. And my goal, my dream career, the thing I desire almost the most, is to have a career as a writer. Which means I need people to champion my work and spread it far and wide. And if I want people to do that for me...shouldn't I do that for them?

So I will shamelessly gush on social media about books and authors I love.

This Tweet is about adaptation news for a book I adored, for an author I profiled. That's another way in which I champion writers — the profiles.

I began writing them last summer as a way to practice my feature-writing while I didn't have a writing job. An added bonus was forging connections with other writers, both ones like me — freelance essayists, bloggers, aspiring novelists — and ones a little further along in their journey. It was a way to maybe reach a wider audience, too.

But I don't write the profiles in the typical journalistic fashion. I don't look for conflict. If it's there, staring me in the face, I will most likely address it. Otherwise, I'm not going to seek it out. Because I view my role in this as a promoter, someone who is here to say happy things and build people up and encourage others to be a fan.

That's what I want. That's why I fan-girl: because it makes me happy. It makes others happy.

Someday, I hope there will be people who love my work and share it with others. In the meantime, I'm going to do that for people I love.

That's what it's all about. Sharing and promoting and loving and being an unabashed fan. I tweet about politics a lot as well, and that's something that doesn't make me happy. Today's political climate is exhausting to me. It makes me want to curl up and sob. But I have to talk about it because we can't let things slide.

And I also have to talk about things that bring me joy. Books and writing and writers and encouraging others brings me joy.

And I hope you'll feel inclined, now or at any point, to do the same for me. To help me out. You can share my articles, my blog posts, my Tweets. You can share my Patreon or become a patron and financially contribute to me. You can sign up for my newsletter, Kaleidoscope. You can "like" my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter or send me an email or comment here.

I believe in giving love and spreading it and pouring it out. And I want to be loved back, and sometimes I have to ask for that. So this is me doing both: promising to continue loving enormously and fan-girling and sharing and buying, and asking you to do the same. <3