Writing with big dreams: Elri

There's no such thing as an ideal age to be a writer; you're never too old or too young or too middle-aged to start writing or continue writing. IMG-20160604-WA0003

Elri is a South African teenager who regularly blogs for The Heart of Teens, a Christian blog by and for teenagers and young adults. She's the oldest child in a family of three, with two younger brothers, and has moved around within South Africa quite a bit.

She's already been writing for several years: she says she discovered writing when she was 11 or 12.

"For as long as I can remember I have been making up stories in my head," Elri said. But she was also reading, and while reading the Animal Ark series by Lucy Daniels (the pseudonym for Ben M. Baglio), Elri felt inspired to write. "I wanted to create a story that made people feel and imagine and get excited like [those] books made me feel. And since then I have been trying to create stories!"

Today, Elri writes for that reason and for another, simpler one: "It keeps me sane."

"I feel like I can let out all the emotions in me when I write," Elri said. "It helps me express myself or make sense of a situation or even how I feel. It helps give me closure. It just feels right when I write."

One of Elri's good friends, Rachael, said Elri is all-around a great person, and she spoke highly of her friend's writing.

"Her writing style is fun and and she [is] able to put her point across really well," Rachael said. "She is one of the reasons I was inspired to be an author way back in grade 8. She even has given me ideas for some of my books... She is an incredible person and her perspective as a writer allows her to view the world with understanding and curiosity."

Additionally, another friend, AJ, who also blogs for The Heart of Teens, said Elri is a hard worker who isn't afraid to be challenged.

"As a writer she is raw and honest," AJ added. "She isn't scared to say things as they are and it makes her writing convicting and refreshing."

AJ also said that Elri is an incredible person and that more people should be like her: "if more people were like her the world would be a nicer place with just a few more practical jokes."

Elri's dream is to be an author or a journalist, "probably both."

"I see that coming about if it God’s will for my life, and with lots of hard work from my side! Or if I marry a really rich guy or win the lottery," she added as a joke.

Elri's testimony can be found here or you can follow her on Pinterest.