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OK I know it's already way past the middle of July and there are only like 10 days until the #PitchWars submission window opens...but I've been so distracted stalking all the mentors that I forgot to pimp my own bio! Whoops. I'm joining the blog hop now! For those of you that don't know...Pitch Wars is a legitimately EPIC writing contest in which agented/book-dealed/published authors each pick one un-agented/unpublished author with a completed manuscript to mentor for two months. Then we submit to agents and have a party. I'm borderline obsessed with it and keeping my fingers crossed and prayers lifted that I get in. I've already got some mentors I'm willing to fight for — similar to how I fight people for subway seats. More on that in a hot second.

Onto the pimping of the bio!

About me

Things that I am:

American | Canadian | Pseudo-Italian | Missionary kid | Christian | Boarding school product | NYU grad student (journalism!) | Almost redhead Brooklyn resident-and-obsesser Pizzeria employee Novelist Poet Essayist Consummate soul-barer

Things that make my happy:

FRIENDS — both the TV show and the flesh-and-blood ones Making others laugh Making new friends Pizza Pasta Hamburgers Let's just cut to the chase and say: FOOD. | Hillsong NYC | Did I mention friends?

Facts that are fun:

I will take a person down if they get between me and a seat on the subway. Is that a fun fact? I think so While waiting for a friend in the bathroom, I sang along to a radio song. My friend then asked me if I heard the horrible singing When I was 12, I thought police would arrest me and my parents for watching a PG-13 movie Io parlo italiano I graduated high school with a cast on my nose


Why you should choose me as your mentee:

I work hard and am passionate, driven and ambitious enough to put forth my very best effort to make my manuscript as great as possible I am grateful for the time you're taking even just to read this and will always respect you and your thoughts I am loyal to a fault — meaning that once we're friends, there are no lengths I won't go to for you, and there is nothing you can do to ruin that I am funny and you will laugh a lot, especially if we ever meet in person! I make a lot of Chuck Norris jokes and those are great I reallyreallyreally want you to so pleaseeeeeee :)


SAVING GRACE is a contemporary YA. During the sweltering New York City summer after "wild girl" Grace Hamrit's brother is deployed, she starts dating his clean-cut best friend and working at a restaurant with her two best friends. The only hitch is she has to keep her relationship a secret from her brother — who doesn't approve of her. Things seem to be fine..until tragedy strikes. When her life unravels around her, Grace must decide who — and what — she's going to turn to and how she's going to save herself. If that's even an option anymore.


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