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Saturday round-up: May 8-14

Hey there! This is a space dedicated to a round-up of my favorite articles from the week — both mine and others'! The only things not eligible are blog posts I post here since, well...they're already here. You ready to read? :) First off, this has been a big week — I turned 23 and started a new job, at PuckerMob. You should go like my Facebook so you can keep up with everything I write for them.

Now, without further delay, my favorite stories from the week:


 "In defense of growing up and being 'boring'" — by Karis Rogerson, published on Her View From Home

"I don’t think so. I don’t think I’ve lost my childlike joy and excitement about life, because I still feel happiness in intensity and laugh like a hyena over little more than a cat in a box.

I think it’s just that I’ve changed. Not just my circumstances, but my self as well."



13122885_10154225230974884_8466196153785288924_o-2"What It's Like Being A Depressed Grad Student" — by Karis Rogerson, published on Bustle. 

"...some days are in-between. I don’t jump from bed but I do crawl out in time to brew my coffee and peruse the New York Times before heading out to work with a grunt at the sun. I laugh and tease my friends and accept their reciprocation until I suddenly can’t, and then I retreat to the bathroom to crouch in a corner and cry. I watch TV while writing stories and I go to bed at a decent time because I’m tired, not because I want to dream my way into happiness."



"Anger Overflows in Nigeria as Economy Dives," by Dionne Secrecy, published on The New York Times.

This is a great article that examines a tenuous situation in Nigeria through the lens of one gas station on one day. It's a great example of creative journalism. Read it here.


12183987_10153809414074884_3247859708371451295_o"Behind the Blog: Living Life The Write Way" — an interview with Karis Rogerson by Melissa Blake, published on So About What I Said.

"Last week, I posted my interview with Karis Rogerson, the amazing writer and blogger behind Living Life The Write Way -- how cool is that name? Perfect, right? Well, today, I'm so excited to share a peek into Karis's world and writing life. She's got such wonderful tips to share, and I'd love to just sit down with her in a coffee shop and chat about blogging all afternoon. Plus, she was raised in my dream country! Take it away, Karis..."



"An Open Letter to Trump Voters from His Top Strategist-Turned-Defector," by Stephanie Cegielski, published on xoJane

This is an old one, but I finally read it this week and it's important.

"Even Trump's most trusted advisors didn't expect him to fare this well.

Almost a year ago, recruited for my public relations and public policy expertise, I sat in Trump Tower being told that the goal was to get The Donald to poll in double digits and come in second in delegate count. That was it."




Planes, Trains and Death: welcome to the vlog

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