The day we re-did yesterday

Today started off with a lovely recap of yesterday. Due to certain unavoidable circumstances - the wrong story being told, camera malfunction and plain old human mistakes - both the pin trading and the international views on Kentucky stories needed to be redone. The flags in front of IBC.

But first on the agenda was a visit to the International Broadcast Center (IBC) here in Sochi. One of our group leaders got us guest passes into the center and the Olympic Park, so we spent about an hour touring the building. There are two sections: IBC proper, where the broadcasters (OBS, BBC, etc) work, and the Main Press Center (MPC) where all the print outlets (New York Times, Associated Press, Reuters, etc) work. I was more than a little in awe over the whole process.

While there, we filmed a short story about an Asbury grad, Kristin, who works at the Olympics and actually won an Emmy in 2012 for her work at the X-Games. Basically, her life is the actual best thing in the world; she has had so many cool experiences and the Sochi Games are her 5th Olympics (she's been to London, Vancouver, Beijing and Salt Lake City as well).

While Meredith, Madison and Prof. Leckie shot the story, the rest of us sat on a bench and browsed the pages of a brochure about the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics. Let me tell you, that booklet was very effective; halfway through it, I decided that I want to attend the 2018 Games. Heck, I'd like to attend all of them from here on out. New York Times, give me a desk in your cubicle at the MPC and I will be happy for life.

One of the other really great parts was an 8K experimental television. I'm not entirely sure what 8K means, but most cinemas are broadcast in 4K. We watched a quick figure skating in clip in 8K, and it was so real it looked as though we were right on the ice watching him. I could gladly have spent the rest of my life in that room.

After a quick lunch at McDonald's, we split into two teams. While Madison, Ashley, Aaron, Alex and Prof. Leckie went in search of people to interview about Kentucky, Cassie, Meredith, Mrs. Owens, Sarah Owens and I set about searching for pin traders to interview.


The point of this story was to follow the LEX18/Asbury University pin, of which only 200 are in circulation. Cassie approached people on the street and asked them if they'd seen the pin, and what they thought of it or what they had heard of it. We got some great footage; apparently, it's a pretty desirable pin. LEX18's affiliation with NBC, along with the limited number of pins in existence, appear to have made this a pretty popular find.

In the meantime, we also indulged in some personal pin trading, something most of our team has been addicted to since yesterday, when we discovered the adrenaline rush it brings. My favorite pins so far are a 2006 Torino NBC pin and a 2010 Sochi Associated Press pin. Basically, I just love media outlets.

A highlight of the day was how early we finished; it's only 10 p.m. here in Russia, and we've already been working on editing our videos for the past hour. Fingers crossed that we'll get to bed early and have a free day tomorrow!