The never-ending story

“Sure, we can totally have the Morgan story and the Jay story done by two so then we can go into Adler!” I said to myself this morning at breakfast.

I doubt I’ve ever been more wrong about anything in my life.

Our team was split up again today, into a few different work groups. Meredith and Madison went around town with Prof. Leckie and Mrs. Owens to collect b-roll; Ashley worked on a story about Dallas Robinson for Kentucky Monthly; Sarah, Cassie and I worked on a story about an Asbury student working at the Olympics; and I didn't really pay attention to what the boys were doing.


It was a gorgeous day, so instead of staying cooped up inside, we stationed ourselves on the closed-balcony off of the kitchen and got to work.

When we started working on the story, which Sarah and I spent about three hours working on last night as well, I sincerely believed it wouldn't take much more than a couple of most. All we had to do, I thought, was add some b-roll and do a voice-over. But when we opened the file, we saw that it was already a minute and a half long--and we can't have them any longer than 1:15 if we want them to air on TV.

Sarah, Cassie and Ashley hard at work on their respective projects.

So we spent about an hour deciding which parts to cut out and writing and re-writing an intro, transitionary voice-over, and outro. Then we left the balcony (a sad moment for all) and went to the room to work some more.

Here we spent a good portion of the afternoon. We sprawled all our equipment across the floor and set about recording the voice-over, then editing it into the video and adding b-roll as needed. By now it was 2 p.m. and we hadn't even had lunch, much less come close to finishing for the evening.

We took a break for lunch (crepes from the nearby pancake shop...a Russian delicacy) and then jumped back into work. Around 3 p.m. we decided to go out and film a stand-up intro and outro. We still weren't done editing the rest of the video, and I was starting to think that maybe, just maybe, we wouldn't be finishing this story quite as quickly as I had expected.

We put everything aside and got ready to head out. Then we realized we didn't have a microphone, so we went to another room to find the equipment. There, we found that the microphone didn't work because the battery was dead, so we went back to the original apartment and got that ready.

We made it down to the shore of a little man-made lake, right in front of the mountains, where Cassie was going to do the stand-up talking.


And that's where we found out we couldn't attach the camera to the tripod because we didn't have the right piece.

Finally, we made it back to the room to add the new shots into the video. We couldn't find them on the camera or on the memory card.

Chaos ensued for several minutes, and things barely calmed down in time for dinner and a division of duties. On the agenda for the night: more videos to edit it, as well as several blog posts.

And in the morning, a full day of Olympic Park and Adler shooting, followed by more editing and writing. The story never ends, my friends.