The living sitch

We made it to Sochi!

We arrived at the airport last night around 7 p.m. Sochi time (that’s 10 a.m. Eastern time if you’re wondering—we’re nine hours ahead of you guys!), were picked up in several snazzy 2014 vans and taxied to our hotel.


The word “hotel” is used only in the sense that it is a place with rooms where you can pay to stay. In reality it’s an apartment complex. In the spirit of not being bankrupted by the Olympics, Sochi built this hotel compound with the intention that, after the Olympics, it could be turned into an apartment complex. At this point I was already impressed and feeling like, perhaps, the reports of the sad living state were false.

Due to some last-minute group changes, I ended up without a roommate and, for a hot second, without a room. Awkward.

After some very emotional, I’ve-been-awake-and-traveling-for-26-hours-let-me-have-a-room moments, it was decided I would bunk down with Ashley and Mereditth, squeezing into their two-person room.


As luck would have it, their two-person room turned out to be an actual future apartment, with an extra room for a kitchen and everything!

I’m sleeping in the kitchen and, while it’s a little spare, I’m loving it so far.

Some other quirks of the room include the shower curtain-less shower and the three bottles of water we're sharing for brushing our teeth--drinking the real water is a big no-no, we're told.

Well, the adventure is off and rolling this morning! It’s 6:45 a.m. and we’re heading to breakfast at 7:30, then downtown Sochi at 8 a.m. to get our accreditation and, finally, work on our very first video story! Stay tuned for more updates here :)