Freaking out for popcorn

Sometimes I go a little food-crazy. Times like every single pizza-filled Collegian meeting, when the sight of those large, greasy boxes and cups of garlic sauce flip some switch in my brain. All of a sudden, I go from the semi-sane, mostly-put-together person I normally am to some crazy ape-woman, grabbing slices of the doughy, tomatoey, cheesy goodness and cramming them down my throat. It gets so bad sometimes that, in my haste to digest it all, I start knocking sauce on the table and spilling Pepsi in everyone's plates.

In high school, we used to watch movies every Friday night. While an RA and a few students popped corn in the electric, automatic popper, the rest of us piled on top of each other on the shabby couches in the TV room. A few minutes after the others brought their culinary treats, we all had full bowls. Again, that crazy switch in my brain flipped: I ate the first bowl of popcorn so fast, I was halfway through my second serving almost before everyone else had finished their first handful.

The popcorn rage reared its ugly head again earlier this week when I and a few of my friends went to the midnight premiere of Iron Man 3. Well, midnight might be a bit misleading; we actually went to the 10:300 p.m. showing on Thursday night. We might be college students, but that doesn't mean we want to be out til 4 a.m.! I wasn't planning on buying any food, but of course as soon as my nose caught the heavenly scent of buttery popcorn, I lost all my resolve. And then I decided to get a medium-sized popcorn. Let me just say, "medium" is a bit of a misnomer - that was the giantest bag of popcorn I have ever touched. I couldn't even eat all of it! Now that's saying something.

Well, I'd grown accustomed to and even started dealing with my problems when it comes to food. And despite my addiction to Pinterest and constant fawning over all the cute clothes and, more importantly, shoes, I still never believed I could go shopping-crazy. For starters, I despise shopping - with a passion. And I still think of myself as I was back in middle school: the girl who wore the same pair of tennis shoes every single day and thought skinny jeans were the most atrocious thing to ever hit the planet. This is what my shoe collection looks like these days:

Shoes 011

Now, there are two things you need to keep in mind: 1) This is only my summer shoe selection; 2) Most, if not all, of these shoes have been bought in the past two years. For someone who hates shopping, I sure do a lot of it when it comes to shoes. Especially boots. Or heels. Or boots with heels. Sandals. Flats. Heeled sandals. I think you get the picture...

Shoes 018

So on Saturday, after I unsuccessfully job hunted for a few hours, I decided to head over to the Shoe Carnival and buy some cute new sandals. Because, whereas middle school Karis' motto was: "Being girly is bad!" my new motto is: "I love shoes!" The fact that they were having a huge "buy one, get one half off" sale for sandals, and that I found two nice pairs which had already been marked down to $19.98, was just a nice bonus. I got these two cute  pairs for only $30.00!

Next on the list of things to buy: a cute retro one-piece swimsuit!

Of course, that one might not be a possibility until I get a job. Because while buying clothes is nice, so is being able to pay my various bills and not going bankrupt.