1 for journalism, 0 for humanity

I think I lost a small part of my soul on Saturday. Recently, I experienced an epic journalism fail; shortly after posting about it, I found out that the videos I had saved on my iPod had actually been deleted by the classmate who was using the video that day. After having a mild (and "mild" in this situation actually means blown entirely out of proportion, ridiculously) freakout, my professor gave me an extension and I resolved to have the video redone and finished by Monday night. Due to my intense bad luck (or lack of talent) with videos, "Monday night" turned into about 1 a.m. Tuesday morning. Nonetheless, I successfully uploaded "The Equality Debate" - and it even has sound! You'll have to excuse my atrocious pronunciation of "plethora," though. I don't know what was thinking...

On Saturday, rather than spend the day working on my project, I helped train the new Transition and Guidance (T.A.G.) Leaders at Asbury's low ropes Challenge Course.


When Christian Robinson, one of last year's T.A.G. Leaders who was helping out with food, came running up to us sporting several cuts on arms and shoulders, one of my first thoughts was "What an excellent opportunity to get some good pictures!"IMG_1081

After snapping about 10 pictures, I noticed the little video camera icon on my Canon Rebel T3i. Inspired, I flipped the dial around and started shooting video of Christian's wounds getting patched up by one of our friends, while several others stood in the background and laughed. I waited approximately five minutes after he was all bandaged up before asking him to come in for an interview Monday so I could make my second attempt at videography. It's a skill I'm still developing, guys - don't judge.

I figure I'm about one step away from those insensitive reporters you see on TV, shoving microphones in the defendant's wife's face and asking "How do you feel about the fact that your husband killed and ate other women?" While part of me winced at that, the other part shrugged and said, "Hey, it's a good story, and I'm just being up on my journalistic game."

I hope I never turn to into one of those people so obsessed with getting a story or a picture that they end up disregarding those around them. At the same time, however, I can't ignore the fact that all I really want to do with my life is tell stories. Sometimes that means I have to awkwardly stick a camera in a friend's face and say "Tell me about that time you skinned yourself on the asphalt."

Plus, the more videos and articles I have the better my chances of being selected to go on the journalism trip to Russia next February :). I will promise you - and myself - that if it's ever between someone's well-being or a story, I'll put them first. For all other situations, though, you better beware, because I might just turn it into the next piece in my portfolio... And as time goes on and I write more articles, make more videos and spend several more hours in the Miller Center, I'll eventually become really great at it. So if you'd like to volunteer to be a guinea pig in the "Karis needs to practice her videoing skills" experiment, well, I wouldn't say no to that.