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Epic journalism fail

"I can do everything you can do. And then some." That's what I mutter to myself every time someone does something cool. I'll shake my head and say "That's amazing; I could never do that," but secretly I'm screaming "I can do it and it will be perfect and BETTER THAN YOURS!" I learned tonight that that isn't true.

Let me tell you a story: once upon a time there was a little girl, and all she wanted to do was write stories and maybe just change the world. When she was heading off to college, her mother suggested she should add journalism as a major. She decided she loved it, because who doesn't want more writing in her life?

After a while, her school was all "Yo, I'ma turn the journalism major into a journalism and digital storytelling major!" And then they started asking them to make movies.

Uhhh, what? Until yesterday, the extent of my movie-making abilities was holding a point-and-shoot camera with shaky hands and hoping something worked out.

But, like a dutiful student, I checked out that iPod touch, shot my footage, and edited it in Final Cut. After I uploaded it to Vimeo, this happenedPhoto on 2013-04-04 at 22.06 #2.

I swear there was sound there. I swear it. Somewhere between the computer and Vimeo, it vanished into the black hole of the Internet.

The original video was wiped off the computer while I was gone, and the iPod that it was shot on is no longer on the premises. I get to spend the next several hours cooped up in the Communication Arts building, trying to fix the problem.

Guys, being a journalism student at a school that's obsessed with media communications is hard, because they will try and turn you into one of them. And when that happens, well, you just get to spend several hours trying to fix it, bemoaning the fact that you have to make movies instead of write articles.

I do get to write some, though. This is an article that I wrote for my school newspaper this week. It's much better than that video, I swear it.

1 for journalism, 0 for humanity